Together we UNiTE to End Violence Against Women and Girls

Gender Equality – through the lens of our health care workers and community partners.

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Rebecca Eales

Senior Social Worker

What is your role?
Senior Social Worker Women and Children’s team

How does family violence impact the health of women and children?

Violence is a trauma event in any person’s life and can impact on their social, emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing and development.  Family violence can also have a significant impact on how women and children form relationships and how they view the environment in which they live. 


How do you think COVID19 has impacted gender equality and family violence?

Many families have had to live in a way that has increased the risk within the home.  Many of these families have lost contact with supports and services that are able to identify and intervene when family violence is present.  COVID19 has also had a significant impact on the mental health of many in our community and contributed towards psychosocial issues.

How do gender stereotypes drive violence against women?

Gender stereotypes contribute to violence against women as they normalise inappropriate behaviours towards women based solely on their gender.

What does it mean to you to be an ‘active bystander’ in healthcare?

As health care professionals we are in a unique position to identify and respond to family violence within our community.  We are able to provide support to victims and perpetrators and provide support to link to appropriate support services.  We are also in a position to educate and inform others around us about the impacts of family violence.

What do you think the barriers are for women and children from diverse backgrounds seeking help when experiencing family violence?

Some of the barriers are language, access to supports and cultural expectations.  In many communities women from diverse backgrounds are well known within in their own community and seeking help can further add to their trauma, including further isolation, victimisation, loss of housing and connection to family and friends.

Can you provide a statement to our community about your stance on gender equality and family violence?

No form of violence is ok, we all have the right to feel safe and be safe from harm regardless of our gender, race, religion or sexuality.